20 till 22 August 2021


Donna Chittick | NL

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Hip-hop is a lifestyle, a culture, an art, a ritual, (a) movement. It is about sharing roots and finding your strength in togetherness. In this danced diptych, Donna Chittick searches for those forms of brotherhood and sisterhood. In ALPH, we see men reacting to each other in mutual rivalry, vulnerability and trust. They are quests for filling in togetherness, while there is still room for individuality, danced out in a unique joint dynamic.

Location Zuiderpark/Tent West
Running time 35 min.
Genre Dance
Ticket price € 10 per person, can only be ordered in pairs
Accessibility deaf and hearing impaired, wheelchair users

Four dancers take us into their world. Pride, strength and self-confidence seem to lead to mutual rivalry. Yet, the men are also linked by a struggle that they recognise in each other. A common struggle that unites them and at the same time seems to force them into the role of the alpha male. The men test each other and trust each other at the same time. Is that true brotherhood? With soundscape by DJ Lovesupreme.

Fri 20 Aug various times
Sat 21 Aug various times
Sun 22 Aug various times


choreographer Donna Chittick
dancers Juersson Hermanus, Giovanni Pisas, Ibrah Silas Jackson & Waikuma Pentury
light design Jeffrey Steenbergen
light and technic Simchah Hoed
costumes Kenley Chittick
music DJ Lovesupreme
photography Sjoerd Derine

dramaturgy Leo Spreksel
artistic/dramaturg advice Alida Dors en Peggy Olislaegers
production Angelique van Beckhoven
corporate leader Ger Jager
publicity Yoram Otten
with special thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten BackBone Solid Ground Movement en CC Amstel

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