14 August 2021

Permanent Destruction - Pain Against Fear & AFTER

Naomi Velissariou/ Theater Utrecht & T.B.A. | NL

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In Pain Against Fear, the third in Permanent Destruction's fatally destructive concert series, a personal revelation is accompanied by an invitation to the audience. An invitation to allay your own fear by collectively raving to the rhythm of your individual pain. In the firm belief that the acceptance of pain can ease our suffering. Pain Against Fear is mindfulness on speed. The music is a relentless mix of producer Joost Maaskant's tight sound and Naomi's persistent attempt at vulnerability. One last chance to completely surrender to the night, to yourself, and to the music. Choose the pain, don't be afraid.

Location World Skate Center
Running time 60 min.
Genre Theatre, music
Entrance price € 15, under 30 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 13,50
Accessibility wheelchair users
Language English

Pain against fear is the third and last part in the triptych of Permanent Destruction, the first 2 parts of which can also be seen during Boulevard. It is both the title of the post-dystopian music theater triptych and the name of a band in which Velissariou and Maaskant want to get rid of a number of taboos from current visual culture. Sentiments such as self-loathing and fear of failure are themes to avoid in that culture because they are not sexy or Instagram-worthy. You simply cannot profile yourself on the basis of expressions of pain. Or is it?


On August 13 and 14, this performance is part of FOMO FATALE, the night program of Boulevard in the Skatehall. These evenings are long, sultry, intense and within one and a half meters, for this we work with corona tests and a strict door policy.

Please note: stroboscope / light effects are used in this performance.

'Naomi Velissariou shows herself in the intimate last part of her trilogy.'

★★★★ - de Volkskrant

'Nothing is what it seems in Permanent Destruction.'

★★★★ - Trouw

'Self-questioning as an act of love.'

★★★★ - NRC
Sat 14 Aug at 21:00


concept and direction Naomi Velissariou
performance PERMANENT DESTRUCTION (Joost Maaskant and Naomi Velissariou)
sound producer Joost Maaskant
lighting design Bart van den Heuvel
sound design Sander van der Werff
photography Ben Houdijk

costume design Bibi Trumpeter
creative producer and final direction Floor Houwink ten Cate
assistant director Fien de Smet
co-production of Naomi Velissariou Foundation and Theater Utrecht
made possible in part by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Fund 21

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