10 till 11 August 2021

Permanent Destruction - The HM Concert & T.B.A.

Naomi Velissariou/ Theater Utrecht & T.B.A. | NL

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After the success of their first show, The SK Concert (which can also be seen during this Boulevard), the pop-up band of theater maker/performer Naomi Velissariou and sound producer Joost Maaskant continues its theatrical concert series. In this second concert, the code word is feminist terrorism. The HM Concert is inspired and based on the oeuvre of the German playwright Heiner Müller. The visuals are by photographer and visual artist Jan Hoek. Permanent Destruction was already praised by the press in 2018 for its daring combination of biting lyrics, danceable melodies, and pounding beats: 'An intense, schizophrenic theater concert that tears head and body apart.' according to the Flemish newspaper De Morgen ★★★★. This time de Volkskrant wrote: 'The HM Concert is radical, uncompromising, sinister and bizarre. And blood-curdling good.' ★★★★. The music – varying from techno to trap, hardcore, and punk – is a stirring sound of a dark message, melodrama on speed, in a radical confrontation and reckoning with misogyny.

Location World Skate Center
Genre Theatre, music
Entrance price € 15, under 30 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 13,50
Accessibility wheelchair users
Language English

The HM Concert is the second in the triptych of Permanent Destruction. For the first time, all three parts can be visited in one place and at a festival. For The SK Concert, Naomi Velissariou performs an autopsy on the work of British author Sarah Kane and then processes the traces of violence, poison, and sex found into a concept album around the themes of self-hatred, heartbreak, and death. In The HM Concert, Velissariou again confronts, this time with the uncompromising work of the German author and director Heiner Müller. Velissariou radically expresses what she sees as the essence of Heiner Müller's work, dissecting and transforming it through the themes of misogyny, sexism, and feminist extremism. For her, a theatrical concert is an ultimate way to highlight this.

Please note: stroboscope / light effects are used in this performance.

'Everything about this performance is both disturbing and liberating'

- Het Parool

'Hard confrontation with the dark side of glamour'

- Theaterkrant
Tue 10 Aug at 21:00
Wed 11 Aug at 21:00

text Heiner Müller, Naomi Velissariou
concept & direction Naomi Velissariou
cast Valentijn Benard, Gary Duimalot Gravenbeek, Joost Maaskant and Naomi Velissariou
music Joost Maaskant
visuals Jan Hoek (photography), Rik Laging (graphics & effects), Lukas Engelhardt (edit)
photography Sanne Peper

lighting design and video programming Bart van den Heuvel
costumes Bibi Trumpeter
choreography Gary Duimalot Gravenbeek
assistant director & creative producer Floor Houwink ten Cate
coach Thibaud Delpeut
sound technical design Sander van der Werff


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