8 till 10 August 2021

Born To Manifest

Joseph Toonga | GB

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In which nest were you born, at which longitude and latitude, who are your parents, and how many mouths do they need to feed? Choreographer Joseph Toonga knows that power and privilege still oppress and dictate. In Born to Manifest, a gripping and loving hip-hop dance duet, he shows stark and uncomfortable truths in the life and flesh of young black British men. Joseph, who was born in Cameroon and raised in East London, appears on stage as well. The material: true stories, personal experiences, and krumping, popping, and freestyle hip-hop styles.

Location MAINSTAGE Brabanthallen (hal 4)
Running time 55 min.
Genre Dance
Entrance price € 19, under 18 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 17
Accessibility deaf and hearing impaired, wheelchair users, Ringleiding
Language English

Two black British dancers fight against themselves, each other, and presumptions in a sincere, vulnerable dance duet. The choreography is set to the original score from Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante.

Born to Manifest and Born to Protest (which will also be performed during Boulevard) are a part of Joseph Toonga’s hip-hop dance theatre trilogy which illuminates the experiences of young black British men. He brings us these two different performances—one sincere and on the dance floor, the other raw and in the open air—in a compelling, vulnerable, and brutally honest way.

‘A tribute to male vulnerability, sensitivity and the power of kinship.’

Dance Art Journal
Sun 08 Aug at 20:30
nederlandse première
Tue 10 Aug at 20:30


choreographer Joseph Toonga
perfomers Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Joseph Toonga
rehearsal director Ricardo Da Silva, Anthony Matsena
producer Emily Crouch
dramaturge/outside eye Peggy Olislaegers, Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy MBE
composer Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante

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