5 till 22 August 2021

Automata Carrousel (6+)

Geert Hautekiet | BE

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Geert Hautekiet creates 100% mechanical storytelling machines: automata with recycled wood, old copper, and a fine sense of humour. Each one is small in size but has a big impact. Powerful images with a story. They affect, amaze and make you laugh. You set all other mechanisms in motion by turning a lever yourself. Fascinating!

NOTE: Automata Carrousel can be visited continuously daily between 2.30 PM and 10.30 PM. So if you book a ticket for a specific date, you can see this installation at any time of the day. 

Location Zuiderpark - Geert Hautekiet
Running time 11 min
Genre Theatre, installation / visual arts
Ticket price € 12, 1 ticket is geldig voor maximaal 4 personen uit 1 huishouden
Accessibility deaf and hearing impaired, wheelchair users, people with a high stimulus sensitivity
Language No spoken text

You view the automata from a separate lodge with a maximum of four available places. You buy a wooden token at the cash register, with which you open the hatch in your lodge (like a peep show). Then you see all the automata slowly passing by on a carousel. The automata each have one lever that you can turn yourself. The lever sets creaking wooden gears in motion, which, via copper rods and axes, brings the animations carved from pear or linden wood to life. The repetitive stories are short and sweet, and the fragile-looking, rattling technique knows how to move you. This special peep show puts a smile on the face of young and old. After about 10 minutes, you have seen all the automata, and the hatch closes again. 

Thu 05 Aug at 14:30
Nederlandse première
Fri 06 Aug at 14:30
Sat 07 Aug at 14:30
Sun 08 Aug at 14:30
Wed 11 Aug at 14:30
Thu 12 Aug at 14:30
Fri 13 Aug at 14:30
Sat 14 Aug at 14:30
Sun 15 Aug at 14:30
Tue 17 Aug at 14:30
Wed 18 Aug at 14:30
Thu 19 Aug at 14:30
Fri 20 Aug at 14:30
Sat 21 Aug at 14:30
Sun 22 Aug at 14:30


Geert Hautekiet, Mik Anthoni & 12 automata.

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