7 till 14 August 2021


Fun, Funest, Feest | NL

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Fun for the Fearless Festivalgoer
Theaterfestival Boulevard will take you into the night this year. In a sultry, sweaty session full of theatre, music and a bar that lets the beer flow from its tap until the wee hours. Every FOMO FATALE night starts with a volume from the uncompromising theatre concert Permanent Destruction, a trilogy by Naomi Velissariou/Theater Utrecht. A blood-curdling destructive experience that you don't want to get away from. Fortunately, you can't. In seemingly endless rythms, the bass bums too firmly when DJs ELLE RICH, CARISTA, MICHIKO, MARCELLE, IRIS RIJSKAMP, PASIPHAE AND ZOHAR keep you awake until the wee hours. By 04:00, the dreaded sweeper appears after all. What you do then? Who knows. One thing is certain: going back to the old you is no longer an option.

Location World Skate Center
Running time Deuren open 21.30u
Genre Theatre, music
Entrance price € 15, under 30 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 13,50
Accessibility blind and visually impaired, wheelchair users
Language English

Permanent Destruction is a series of three melodramatic energy concerts by theatre-maker Naomi Velissariou and sound producer Joost Maaskant. Together they form the pop-up band Permanent Destruction. The performance is a sexy show about self-loathing and unrequited love, with deadly poetic lyrics and excessive use of autotune. The genres range from R&B to industrial hardcore and trap hop references, making the whole thing an over-the-top, fatally feminist, permanently destructive schizophrenic party. Inspirationfor The SK Concert comes from feminist and theatre-maker Sarah Kane, for The HM Concert it comes from the warrior and theatre-maker Heiner Müller, and the final concert Pain Against Fear focuses on vulnerable personal confessions. The first two parts are about hatred and misogyny but also about male hatred or self-loathing. 

In the final part, Velissariou again has a brutal confrontation with great emotions: pain and fear. After this rousing theatre concert, we will continue the iconic zeitgeist with the legendary DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess and her incredible vinyl pump skills. You discover the mysterious Michiko as a fever dream and experience the danceability of darkness through the night watchmen Pasiphae and ZOHAR. Iris Rijskamp and Elle Rich take on the last night of this new night branch of Theaterfestival Boulevard. Missing this will ruin you. 

'[...] she shows how our fears make us prey to the allurements of individualism. Fear of commitment leads to radical independence, distrust of other leads to mutual competition, the feeling of not being seen leads to obsessive self-branding.'

- Marijn Lems, NRC

'Confronting theatre concept about fear and pain.'

- Theaterkrant


During this evening, we expect that there will not be 1.5 meters distance between visitors. That is why we will work with corona tests in advance and we will have a strict door policy.   

Sat 07 Aug at 21:00
Fri 13 Aug at 21:00
Sat 14 Aug at 21:00

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