17 till 19 August 2021


Donna Chittick | NL

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Hip-hop is a lifestyle, a culture, an art, a ritual, (a) movement. It is about sharing roots and finding your strength in togetherness. In this danced diptych, Donna Chittick searches for those forms of brotherhood and sisterhood. In TOGETHER, women dance fragile and powerful at the same time, looking for themselves in continuous connection with the other. They are questing for how to express togetherness, while leaving room for individuality, danced out in a unique joint dynamic.

Location Zuiderpark/Tent West
Running time 35 min.
Genre Dance

In 2019, Donna Chittick was featured in a Block Box, in a work by Alida Dors for hip-hop dance company Backbone. Now two performances by her hand can be seen in a single programme at the festival. The Theaterkrant wrote about TOGETHER: 'The strong point […] is that Donna makes the theme [sisterhood] tangible by reviewing a range of different dance styles and influences.' 

In TOGETHER, four dancers show us the women of today: self-assured, at the same time tough and fragile, together. Donna drew inspiration from her own life and from the everyday life of the independent woman and the life choices that come her way. In a contemporary mix of dance styles, Donna goes in search of female strength and creates a performance in which the daily reality of her and her dancers is the source.


choreography Donna Chittick
dancers Liza Panjoel, Fiona Dekkers, Cedella Steur & Hannah Chandra Mahler
light design and technic Simchah Hoed
costumes Kenley Chittick
music Gabriel Damude / DJ Lovesupreme
campaign image and photography Annelies Verhelst

dramaturgy Peggy Olislaegers
production Angelique van Beckhoven
artistic guidance Alida Dors
marketing Yoram Otten
with special thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten BackBone Solid Ground Movement and CC Amstel

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