17 till 19 August 2021

The Whales Song

Chiara Bersani | IT

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A group of wedding guests gather on a boat: here, in this spot in the vast ocean, a whale could show itself. They are silent, no one dares to ruin the opportunity, no one wants to miss it, they wait and hope for a glimpse of a fin. This event happened to and moved Chiara Bersani to such an extent that she made a performance about this experience. A choreography of solving in a group. Of becoming one together, and disappearing alone. Dancer Matteo Ramponi merges into a group in The Whales Song and manipulates their movements. He disappears between bodies, guiding their movements. Ramponi changes the audience from single individuals to a group, and from group to choir. Something we haven't been able to do for so long: merging.

Location Verkadefabriek/ Grote Zaal
Running time 65 min.
Genre Theatre, performance
Entrance price € 17, under 18 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 15,50
Accessibility wheelchair users
Language No spoken text

As a performer and choreographer, Bersani brings a mix of different art forms into her performances. The artist himself suffers from a mild form of brittle bone disease. Her physical condition inspires her to look for how people perceive a body. The collective experience of home isolation during the pandemic influenced her perspective on the performance: Far from each other, but closer together than ever because of the shared sense that life is somewhere else.

Tue 17 Aug at 19:30
nederlandse première
Wed 18 Aug at 19:30
Thu 19 Aug at 19:30

choreography Chiara Bersani 
dance Matteo Ramponi 
music F. De Isabella 
light Valeria Foti 
technic Paolo Tizianel 

dramaturgy Marco D'Agostin
coach Marta Ciappina
styling Greta Rizzi
video and photography Alice Brazzit
production Eleonora Cavallo

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