8 till 13 August 2021

Zoete Lieve Gerritje

Teletext | BE

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Zoete Lieve Gerritje is a farmer's wife who, according to tradition, went to Den Bosch a long, long time ago for brandy with sugar. The melody of the well-known song dates from the 17th Century, and has a slightly more spicy 18th Century version, in which Gerritje is not only called sweet but above all delicious. ‘Who is going to pay for that?’, the singers wonder. “That will have to be a farmer.” That is no longer allowed in 2021, Teletext agrees. A woman like Gerritje can grow her own beans and pay for her own brandy. A collection of 'Bosschenaren' and artists therefore reclaims the song and tries to turn Gerritje into a contemporary icon. Supported by choir and band, our sweet sweet girl is catapulted into the 21st Century.

Location Werkwarenhuis
Running time 75 min.
Genre Musical theater


After a two-year research into folk songs in Antwerp, Leonore Spee and Sascha Bornkamp are now making the crossing to the Netherlands. With the folk song 'Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe' they retrieve a piece of the Dutch cultural archive from oblivion, and tell an almost disappeared story about the young Dutch farmer's wife in the 20th century. Zoete Lieve Gerritje is a live radio play from the throats and instruments of a large group of locals.

In 2019, Teletext has won De Troffel with their concept Een Nyeu Liedeken.

Expeditie Cement

This performance is part of Expeditie Cement, the summer program in which Festival Cement presents its selection of makers visiting a number of  partners: Theater Festival Boulevard, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Verkadefabriek and MU. Check out the complete program at www.festivalcement.nl.



concept, text, performance and music Leonore Spee en Sascha Bornkamp (Teletext)
soprano Ava van Dijk, Helena Koopman, Marjorie Lieben 
soundtrack Zino Moons & Godekempen
end direction Marie Pien
choir composition Peter Spaepen
choirs Vrouwenkoor Ongehoord, Schola Iuventatis
mixing & mastering Steef van Alsenoy
production Rick Hooijberg
research Anouk Rasson (stage)
sound Boeis Römer
in collaboration with Festival Cement, Erfgoed Brabant

supported by Fonds Voor Cultuurparticipatie, Festival Cement
thanks to Joop Hintzen, Wijkgebouw De Slinger, Trotse Jonge Boeren, Lia van Wijk, Berdien van Everdingen, Willemien Verbeek, Extinction Rebellion Den Bosch, Jolijn de Bruijn, Dinanda Luttikhedde, Alicha Mathilda, Emmy Nellissen, Judith Hendrickx, Geeke Van Dijk, Cor Swanenberg, Boerenbondsmuseum, Erik van der Schans, Grote Kerk ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Diny en Jes van Rixtel, Piet van Cruyningen, Monique Verschure, Maris van Leeuwen, Maaike van Breugel, Naomi Fadda, Cees Slegers and many other Bossche voices who made this project possible

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