6 till 8 August 2021


Marijn Graven | NL

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It is war. Greeks and Trojans engage in an inconclusive battle when suddenly a third army attacks both the Greeks and Trojans. It is the army of the Amazons, a mythical nation of female warriors, led by their queen: Penthesilea. Achilles, described by Homer as "the fairest, the bravest, strongest, and loftiest of all heroes," falls head over heels for the Amazon queen, and this is awkwardly mutual. A lyrical love scene follows, and then his death, and her guilt. Most of our romances today are a little less heroic and endless dramatically, but that doesn't mean the (im)possibility of our love doesn't deserve a rite. This is why Marijn Graven created A MA ZON EN, an erotic, connecting mourning ritual in which the beauty and sorrow of our ardent desire acquire a voice and a body. In the current version of A MA ZON EN, the suffering is already done. We do not meet Amazons but a guide who will enter an underground space with us. In a personal audio landscape, voice and body sense how to mourn and honour love.

Location Parkeergarage St.-Jan
Running time 75 min.
Genre Theatre, performance
Ticket price € 15, under 18 € 10
Ticket price 'Vriend' € 13,50
Accessibility wheelchair users

Rarely have so many relationships fall apart as in our modern age. In Greek mythology, we read epic drama, often about impossible relationships, mainly with a hero and a victim, almost always with an epic ending. An excellent opportunity to take a moment and mourn all the love we are in danger of losing, that we lost along the way, or that we have never experienced. An altar for what is broken and will never heal, for what can be mended or glued back together, for mourning, romance and eroticism. In A MA ZON EN, you engage in this ritual together. Previously, Marijn Graven performed during Boulevard with his production LO LIE TAA  in 2019.  

Expeditie Cement

This performance is part of Expedition Cement, the summer program in which Festival Cement presents its selection of makers visiting a number of  partners: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Verkadefabriek and MU. Check out the complete program at www.festivalcement.nl.



Fri 06 Aug at 19:30
Sat 07 Aug at 19:30
Sun 08 Aug various times
15:30 - Sold out
19:30 - Sold out


directed by Marijn Graven 
dramaturgy Inés Sauer 
scenography Carly Heathcote 
performance, music & sound design Timo Tembuyser

contribution text and development concept and movement language Milou van Duijnhoven
production Rick Hooijberg
light Varja Klosse

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