13 till 21 August 2021

The Sheeptown Project

Alexandra Broeder | NL

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Lost the thread, lost the end, lost the needle. Who decides that something is wrong with me? Theatre maker Alexandra Broeder connects the domains of art and psychiatry in her work. In The SheepTown Project, we enter a mystical universe full of children and young people with psychological vulnerability as a guide. We enter mysterious and magical ceremonial gatherings, with a different ritual every night, where young people show us the way in the fog. What if we start looking differently at so-called dysfunctional behavior, and share our losses as easily as our successes? If we all dare to be vulnerable - every one an open wound? Will we find new keys to as yet unknown doors? With sutures, we start to weave art.  

Location Sportzaal Weberstraat
Running time 50 min.
Genre Theatre
Entrance price € 17, under 18 € 10
Prijs Vriend € 15,50
Accessibility wheelchair users

Alexandra Broeder creates theatre with children on stage; often vulnerable, always honest. In this case, children are our personal guides to another world that you literally step into. In 2021 Alexandra is continuously working on The SheepTown Project - which they already researched during Boulevard in 2020. Subject: how we deal with psychological vulnerability. For Theaterfestival Boulevard she partners with the mental health institution Reinier van Arkel in Den Bosch and with children who are being treated there. During the festival Broeder – together with her artistic team and the input of these children - takes over an abandoned space on the outskirts of the city to build a unique universe at the intersection of art and psychiatry. Spread over five evenings, ritual ceremonies and performances can be experienced. With an open mind and an open heart, we are guided by young people with bucket-loads of courage above all else. Now it’s our turn: will we dare to learn from this? 

'Broeder knows, like no other, how to create magical worlds with a ragged touch'

★★★ - NRC
Tue 17 Aug various times
Wed 18 Aug various times
Thu 19 Aug various times
Fri 20 Aug various times
Sat 21 Aug various times


concept Alexandra Brother  
design Sacha Zwiers 
music Roald van Oosten 
vocals and drawings Hedwig Kool 
graphic design Sacha van den Haak 
dramaturgy Berthe Spoelstra 
co-production HZT 

in collaboration with Reinier van Arkel  

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks: