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Restaurants and cafés

The Parade festival square is a household name in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Not surprising, because, with its cosy eateries, sidewalk cafés and foodtrucks the atmosphere in the square is unmistakably food lover friendly. So besides watching theatre and music shows for audiences of all ages, the square is the place to be for lunch, drinks, a quick bite and wining & dining.

We serve the best beers from Hertog Jan and Leffe breweries, healthy Brabant Water and a range of other drinks in non-disposable glasses (deposit applies).

And another great place to be is the Josephkwartier, a mere stone’s throw away from the Parade festival square.

Culinary delights abound in and around the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This year especially, things are heating up, as the province of  Noord-Brabant is 'European region of Gastronomy' in 2018. So let’s celebrate! With exciting food concepts and more-ish events in unique locations peppered around the city. 

Gastronomy boasts a rich tradition in Noord-Brabant, and Brabant is famous for its hospitality. But what do the typical dishes from Van Gogh’s native ground taste like? And what happens when Dutch design shapes the food of the future? Does Brabant’s hospitality taste savoury or sweet? With the Brabant Celebrates Food campaign, Brabant is inviting its inhabitants and visitors to discover the province’s well-seasoned heritage, unforgettable eating adventures and the world-famous ‘gezelligheid’.

To tie in with this theme, Theaterfestival Boulevard has teamed up with Den Bosch Celebrates Food to present CANTINA by Flemish theatre company Laika. In each of its shows this company offers a tasting menu of stories big and small, paired with inventive dishes and a taste of unknown worlds. They came to Boulevard before with shows like Piknik HorrifikMe Gusta and Pentamerone. And inside one of the tents in the festival square you can see a unique show dedicated to male meat: De Slacht Sessies.

Restaurants and cafés
Restaurants and cafés