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With the help of experts we strive to ensure our shows are accessible to people with an impairment. ‘Hospitality to all’ is our basic principle. In 2017, a number of shows featured sign language, a deaf loop system and/or audio description to improve accessibility.

In 2017 we will be supporting a number of shows with sign language, a hearing loop system, and/or audio description. We are happy to help think of solutions to enable an enjoyable visit to Boulevard for all. For further information on accessibility at Boulevard please contact:


In addition, we work with an organisation called ‘Onbeperkt Genieten’ to create one-day programmes for people with autism or people with chronic fatigue. As part of these programmes, we make sure everything is pre-arranged; transportation from a designated point, shorter and accessible shows, places to rest in between shows. You can apply for one of these packages via the e-mail address below.

We make every effort to clearly indicate which shows we think are accessible to people with an impairment. But of course if you have a hearing or seeing impairment you are welcome to attend any show you like. Our advice is complimentary.

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks: