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www.festivalboulevard.nl of info@festivalboulevard.nl


General inquiries: +31 [0] 73 6124505. Lines are open daily from 10.00 AM until 10.00 PM. Not for [information about] ticket sales.

Festival Square Opening Hours

The festival square is open daily from noon until 01.00 AM every day of the festival except the closing day [when it closes at midnight].

Tickets & Info

There will be Tickets & Info booths in the central festival square and in the Joseph Quarter. Our staff are happy to help you with information on shows, accessibility, shuttle bus itineraries, the name of that actress you liked, a map of the festival, et cetera.

Boulevard Daily

Every day of the festival, our editors create a Boulevard Daily newspaper. Up-to-date information, plus background, interviews, columns and pictures. Available for free from Tickets & Info and elsewhere.


Boulevard is a Southern and soulful summer festival held each year in around twenty venues and sites in and around the city. In sheds, woods, school buildings, churches and meadows. Why: each show tells a different story and each story deserves the best place to tell it.

The festival centres are the central festival square on Parade and the Joseph Quarter [Sint Josephstraat 18]. Information on all sites and how to get there from the festival square can be found here.


On this page you can find a map of ’s-Hertogenbosch and all festival sites.

On this page you can find a map of the festival centre on Parade.

Theaterfestival Boulevard
Theaterfestival Boulevard
Theaterfestival Boulevard
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