Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to buy my tickets online?

From this year on, Theaterfestival Boulevard has its own ticket sales system. One of the benefits is that it is possible to buy tickets for the tents at the festival park online. Because of this, we do not have a physical cash register the days before the festival. DURING the festival, it is also possible to buy tickets at the Tickets & Info in the Zuiderpark. And it is possible to purchase tickets last minute at the tent if there are still tickets available.

Is it possible to buy a ticket during the festival?

Yes. During the festival, it is possible to buy tickets at the Tickets & Info in the Zuiderpark and Parade, and it is possible to purchase tickets last minute at the tent if there are still tickets available. You can also still buy tickets online.

Can I have something to eat or to drink at a terrace or restaurant at the festival park?

It is possible to visit our food services at the festival park this year. Reservations for restaurant LOF can only be made at the festival. It is possible to make a reservation for the same day or a date later during the festival.

I would like to visit a performance with a group of more than 10 people, is that possible?

This is certainly possible, please send an email to Would you like to enjoy a fully catered evening out including drinks/dinner with this group? Please send an e-mail to

Can I buy tickets at all performance venues?

At the performance venues, we work with day cash registers. This means that you can buy tickets 15 minutes before the performance, but only for that performance. At Tickets & Info in Zuiderpark (main area) & De Parade, you can buy tickets for all performances at the various locations during the festival.  

I did not receive an e-ticket, but I have paid. What do I do now?

The confirmation e-mail with the e-tickets may have arrived in your spam box. Still haven't received it? Please contact us at

I have lost my (e-)tickets. What do I do now?

Your e-tickets can be found in your account. Didn't create an account when you ordered your tickets? Then you can have your tickets reprinted during the festival at Tickets & Info in the Zuiderpark (main area) and the Parade. Are you unable to visit the Zuiderpark or the Parade or do you want to have them prior to the festival? Send an email to

Can I pay with both cash and card at the performance venues and in the Zuiderpark?

No, you can only pay by card at Theaterfestival Boulevard.

Do I need to buy a ticket to enter the festival site?

No, the Zuiderpark and the Parade are freely accessible.

Are there activities all day in the Zuiderpark and on the Parade?

Yes, as soon as the Zuiderpark and the Parade open, there will be various activities. Think of pop-up theatre and youth theatre in BLVRD Theatre, in-depth discussions in BLVR&D and various musical acts. In addition, you can always have a bite to eat or a drink at one of our catering establishments. Check for opening hours here.

Are there toilets in the Zuiderpark and the Parade?

Yes, these are clearly marked. They are also wheelchair accessible.

Can I change my baby or child on the premises?

Yes, you can do this at the toilet facilities. 

Are there any catering establishments in the Zuiderpark and the Parade?

Yes, you can find more information on the Food & Drinks page. On this page you will also find more information on how to reserve a table for lunch, drinks or dinner. And how possible allergies and dietary needs are taken into account.

Is there a shuttle bus between the Zuiderpark and the performance venues?

Yes, the shuttle buses are back this year. These free buses depart from the regular bus stop on the Hertog Hendriksingel. From Zuiderpark they drive to a number of locations. Departure: at the latest 30 minutes before the start of the performance. Afterwards, they will bring you back to the Zuiderpark. You can recognize performances with a shuttle bus by the bus icon next to the performance description.

Can I park my car at the performance venues?

There is limited parking space at all locations. Therefore, we recommend that you come on foot, by bike or by public transport as much as possible. Do you prefer to come by car? On this page you will find a list of all locations with addresses.

Where can I park at the Zuiderpark?

The Zuiderpark is next to the St. Jan parking garage. The entrance is at Hekellaan 25, 5211 LX 's-Hertogenbosch.

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