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Choice overload? Let us guide you!

Theaterfestival Boulevard 2018 proudly presents: programme guides! Let one of our four guides help you find your way through our programme.

Here you find our guides. Collegues with such a different taste and style, you can always relate to one of them. Click their bio's and see where they go, find a daily schedule and subscribe to one of their newsletters to keep up to date with your guide of choice.

Teddy: "Find me a gem"

Meet Teddy, our not-quite-yet thirtysomething lover of all things cultural.

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Jean : "The traveller"

This is Jean. His favourite thing to do is to travel, across the globe or roaming his own city.

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Choice overload? Let us guide you!

Vincent : "Surprise me!"

This is Vincent. He’s a theatre professional, but first and foremost, he’s crazy about the arts.

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Tessa : "A family outing"

Tessa helps create the programme at Boulevard, so throughout the year she sees the best in theatre for young audiences.

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