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Give an Encore

Boulevard participates in Give an Encore: a campaign that encourages visitors of Dutch festivals to buy a ticket for people from their community who cannot afford one. Allowing everyone to enjoy performing arts. The festivals see to it that these Encores find a great destination in their city. On this project Boulevard collaborates with Quiet Community Den Bosch.

How does it work?
This year too we call on people to buy an extra ticket for someone who can’t afford one himself. Thus Boulevard emphasizes its unifying force. In fact, thirty-nine festivals, all members of Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals* (Union of Performing Arts Festivals) do the same. Every individual festival distributes these tickets through a social partner in their city, to people who don’t have the financial means to buy them. For the distribution of our free tickets we collaborate with Quiet Community Den Bosch, which will visit our festival with their guests this August.

Contribute and donate that extra ticket! When you purchase your own ticket(s) you will find the option to buy a Give an Encore-ticket in your shopping basket.

Do you (or a partner, friend or family member) lack the means to buy tickets? Possibly Quiet Community can help you. Check the website Quiet Den Bosch for more information.

* De Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals (Union of Performing Arts Festivals) is an informal cooperation of more than 40 national festivals – from Groningen to Middelburg, from Deventer to Rotterdam. Together we strengthen the effect festivals have and we celebrate the power of the performing arts.

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Give an Encore
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