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Hearing Impairment

With a team of experts we strive for accessibility for people with an impairment. ‘Welcoming to all’ is our basic premise. This edition we will once again be offering sign language, a deaf loop system and/or audio description for a number of shows. Assistance dogs are welcome at nearly all our venues and locations. And we have selected a number of shows that are of special interest to those with a visual and/or auditive impairment.‚Äč

We also organise daily programmes for people with things like chronic fatigue or autism. We make every effort to ensure everything is arranged; transportation from a set departure point, shorter and accessible shows, opportunities to take a rest in between. We are happy to offer customised advice, so send any questions/requests to

We have made every effort to indicate as clearly as possible which shows we believe are freely accessible to the impaired. Of course those with a hearing or visual impairment are welcome to come to any show, please consider our advice as an additional service. Would you like to find out which shows are suited? Visit our website under ‘programme’ and click on the ‘accessibility’ button. An explanation of the terms can be found below.

Additional extras
If you notify us in advance we can organise an introduction to some of our shows. Virtually the entire festival is accessible to assistance dogs or guide dogs. There are a few exceptions, though; please contact our accessibility team. Many venues and locations feature water bowls so your dog can drink if necessary. Companions who are joining a person with a visual impairment can book a free ticket in advance upon presentation of their companion’s pass. Please always notify our accessibility officer

For any questions/remarks or to apply for specific activities please contact:

Would you like to know more about what we do to make the festival as accessible as possible to all? Read this article

What are we talking about?
To categorise our shows we use a list of ‘accessibility terms’. If a show you choose features any of the following options, here’s what we are trying to tell you.

Language no problem
A show that features little or no dialogue. Sometimes there will be surtitles, rendering the speaker’s language irrelevant for understanding the story. Often music or a soundscape will play an important part.

Sign Language Interpreter Present
An interpreter for NGT (Dutch sign language) will be there to interpret the show for those with a hearing impairment.

Deaf Loop System / Infrared System
A deaf loop system or an infrared system is in place.

Hearing Impairment
The show is suitable for those with a hearing impairment. There will be no dialogue and/or there is a deaf loop system/infrared system in place or a sign language interpreter is present. Shows that feature lots of music are excluded from this term even though they do get a ‘language no problem’ stamp. Please note! Unfortunately, there is an annoying mistake in our programme guide: sadly, we would not recommend visiting Gesualdo by De Warme Winkel if you are deaf.

Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment


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