Thinking and doing in the Dom

The Dom is the large, transparent dome at the festival. It is a house for thinking and doing. It is where theatre-makers talk to visitors, where residents of the city exchange thoughts on current themes, and where the festival organization poses research questions to the world. It is the perfect location to discover that theater, city and world are inextricably linked. For this reason alone, all meetings in the Dom are freely accessible. Everyone is welcome.

The Dom is a large house, standing out in the Zuiderpark. The walls are transparent. So that you can look out and in. Because that's what it's all about in the Dom; where theater, the city and the world come together. The Dom is the think-and-do domain of the festival. Everyone is welcome. You can join us here in various context programs or participate in one of our work sessions. 

All meetings in the Dom are free to attend.

Reading session (2+, 4+, 6+)

From 4 to 14 August from 2pm to 2.20pm we organise reading sessions, especially for children. Different authors read thrilling, funny or comforting children’s books. We give attention to a new age group every day. The books connect with youth performances in Zuiderpark. Sit down and listen. You are welcome to bring an adult to keep you company.

Please note: from Monday 8 to Friday 12 August, the reading sessions will be on the Park stage, also in the Zuiderpark. On the other days in the Dom. All sessions will be in Dutch. 
This programme is developed in collaboration with and with a huge thanks to Boekhandel Adr. Heinen and Huis 073. Both selected the books and made them available.
It is possible to buy the books in the bookstore or via


Talk of the day

Every day at 4 pm, Vincent Wijlhuizen or Jowi Schmitz will lead a lively discussion in the Dom on a current topic. Two guests are seated at the table: a theatre or dance maker from Boulevard 2022 and an external expert. The experts will be announced at a later date. Those discussions are usually in Dutch, with the exception of Selma Selman on August 6. 


 Kristel van Issum (#Catalog of Shadows II)


 Oscar Kocken (1)


 Selma Selman - (Antifragile Body - exhibition & performanceEnglish spoken


 Dries Verhoeven (The NarcoSexual)


 Eva Line de Boer (Infinity Chan)


 Bart van de Woestijne (Het gewicht van een gedachte)


 Benjamin Verdonck (Down the Rabbit Hole)


 Elmer | Merel Pauw (Nothing Ontploffing)


 Lisette Ma Neza (Your daughter heals wounds)


 Bo Tarenskeen (Het Indisch Interieur)

14-Aug  Maxime Dreessen (Countersex Education)

Introduction & Follow-up discussion


There is an introduction to each MAYDAY/Mélanie Demers performance one hour before it begins. This introduction takes place in the foyer of the Verkadefabriek.

Follow-up discussion

After the performances, we have a conversation about this performance with a moderator. Sometimes in the company of a maker, but more often without one. In these talks, you can share your point of view and compare if others feel the same. Or you can collect new insights.
Our after talks are free accessible, take around 20 minutes and start shortly after the performance. It is possible to remain in your seat. Most of the discussions are in Dutch, with the exception of Joseph Toonga. The discussions will take place at the following performances:

Eva Line de Boer   5 & 10 Aug
Schweigman& 7 Aug
Bo Tarenskeen 12 Aug
Joseph Toonga 5 & 6 Aug - english spoken

BLVR&D - workshops

Work, think and search with us

BLVR&D is a workshop for everyone: artists, visitors, residents, professionals and (international) festival guests. Location: the Dom. It is a place where, through playful methods - from games and speed dating to building models - issues surrounding art and society are examined. Because BLVR&D is a place where head, heart and hope come together, it is possible that (the beginning of) an answer or solution emerges. Come Together, Right Now: walk in, take a look and/or join in! The programme of the work sessions can be found on this website from the beginning of July. These are sessions of makers such as Jija Sohn and Iris van Peppen, the festival organisation and partners. The results of the sessions can be found in the Dom itself, on and on social media channels. Hashtag: #deDom.

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