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Frequently asked questions

How can I ask a question about the ticket sale?
Between 09.00 AM and 17.30 PM you can call us at 073 6124505 or you can send an e-mail at info@festivalboulevard.nl.

I’m Friend of boulevard and I can’t log on/order tickets. 
If you’re having trouble with logging on, you can send an e-mail to vrienden@festivalboulevard.nl

Can I only order tickets for Theaterfestival Boulevard online?
No, you can also order your tickets by phone at 0900-3372723 (at local rate). If you're calling from Belgium you can call to +31 (0)736809801, choose for the option ‘kaartverkooop’. Another way to order tickets is at the register in Theater aan de Parade or in de Verkadefabriek. 

How can I pay my online ticket order?                   
You can pay using iDeal, Mastercard or Visa. You can also use a ‘Podiumcadeaukaart’. You choose the way for paying after making your order. 

Will I receive the tickets I ordered at home?           
The tickets you bought will be send as e-tickets. You receive those in your mailbox. If you want to receive the tickets at home – this is only possible until seven days before the show – you can indicate this in your order (€2,50 shipping costs).

Why do I have to leave my data?
This way, we can achieve our visitors, when a show is cancelled for example. When you fill in your username and password, all your data will show up and you don’t have to key them in. 

I forgot my username and password.
In most cases your username is your e-mailadress. When you fill this in at username and click 'I forgot my password', you get an e-mail with your password in it. When you have just provided an authorization, you receive an e-mail with a confirmation with you (new) username and password. Always use the last received username and password. 

My password doesn't work.                                     
Check if CAPS LOCK on your keyboard is on. If it's not and you're really having trouble logging in with your password, contact Theater aan de Parade at 0900-3372723 (attainable from Tuesday till Saturday, between 10.00 AM and 17.00 PM). 

I bought tickets to a show, but I can't make it after all.                                                                            
Unfortunately, we do not refund your tickets.

I forgot to check 'children's discount' or I want to change my order. What to do?                                
If you're still in the ordering menu, you can cancel the tickets and add the tickets to your cart again for the right price. If you've already completed the order, you can't change it anymore. Did you buy tickets at the register? They're already processed in our cash register, in this case, contact Theater aan de Parade at 0900-3372723 (attainable from Tuesday till Saturday, between 10.00 AM and 17.00 PM). 

I ordered tickets but I want to change my order?     
Changes are no longer possible when an order is made and the payment has been done. Always check your order before you pay.

I have a question about tickets I bought. Who can I ask them?
You can contact Theater aan de Parade at 0900-3372723 (attainable from Tuesday till Saturday, between 10.00 AM and 17.00 PM). 

How can I use my Boulevardvouchers or -relationshipcards in an internetorder?                                  
Vouchers and relationshipcards are only valid at the Boulevard cash register in Theater aan de Parade or at the Boulevard cash register in the Verkadefabriek, provided that they are completely filled in. Vouchers for the performances in tents, can be handed in at those shows. 

What are the opening hours of the Festival Square?
The Festival Square is daily opened at 13.00 PM.

What time do the performances in tents start?
The start times of the performances in tents are communicated at the entrance of all the tents. 

How can I buy tickets if the website says there’s no online ticket sale?
This is only for the  performances in tents at the Festival Square. You can buy tickets at the entrance of those tents the day of the performance.

I want to buy combi-tickets, in what way will it settle the discount?
If you put both the shows in your shopping bag, the discount will automatically be settled. 

How can I reach the different locations?
We recommend visitors to come with public transport, ‘s-Hertogenbosch is easy to reach by bus or by train. The Festival Square at de Parade is a 10 minute walk from the station. A lot of locations are within walking distance from the Festival Square. There are free Boulevard shuttle busses for the locations which are further from the Festival Square. Those busses leave until half an hour before the start of the show.  You can also hire a bike. 

What time and where does the shuttle bus leave to the performances on location?
The last shuttle bus leaves half an hour before the start of the show from the bus stop on the south side of the Festival Square at de Parade (Peperstraat/Parade). 

Is there bike rental?
Yes, you can rent a bike at Tickets & Info. 

I prefer coming by car. Where can I park?
The nearest parking lot for a visit at the Festival Square is Parking lot St. Jan or Parking lot St. Josephstraat.  

Are there performances for free?
Our free performances can you find by looking at the programme page and then by clicking the search filter ‘admission free’ below ‘actions’. 

Can I also buy tickets at the location of the performances?
If there still tickets available, you can buy tickets at location half an hour before the start of the show.

Will a performance be cancelled if the weather is to bad?
If it’s justified, the performance will go on. Eventual poncho’s or blankets will be hand out. If a performance is cancelled, we will let you know. 

I want to support the festival financially. Is this possible?
You can become Friend of Boulevard. You can subscribe with this link


Isn’t your question on this page? Contact info@festivalboulevard.nl