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What you see is what you guess

01 June 2018

We love Lego and Knexx.
But identity is the most exciting DIY kit.
To some extend you follow the drawings.
But you also want to express your individuality.
You’re wired that way.
And here you are. This is you.
Man, woman. Stable, shaky. Black, white.
Progressive, conservative. Nationalist,
cosmopolitan. Religious or atheist.
All done?
No, an identity is never a finished product.
Events, encounters, and conversations keep us asking questions. Who am I? Who do I (want to) belong with?
The answers come gradually. Falteringly. Or unexpectedly. Shedding new light on our bric-a-brac identities. Not everything
is set in stone, not everything is deliberate.

And all the while we watch each other. Collecting impressions, ticking boxes and reaching a reassuring conclusion: I know your
identity – I’ve seen it for myself. But do we see everything?

What you see is what you guess.

This is the motto for Boulevard 2018. Many of the shows, concerts, performances and installations in the festival deal with identity. Some place gender, religion, or nationality in an unexpected light. Others reveal the impact of the internet.

Plenty to choose from. Boulevard 2018 is multifaceted, with over a hundred items on the bill from almost every discipline. A fitting description: we are a festival that celebrates Southern-ness, soulfulness and expressiveness. With a hunger for the unknown and an open attitude.

What you see is what you guess is our invitation to look beyond your initial observations. On our stages and beyond. For eleven days and beyond.

What you see is what you guess
What you see is what you guess
What you see is what you guess