Someone is at the door...

What makes you feel at home? Inside your own house, your surroundings, your body? Do you feel so at home in the world that it could be your own living room? Where you keep bumping into things – especially in the dark – because everything keeps changing place? Where people you’ve never met come in asking if they can share your sofa with you?

25 June 2017

Questions like these inevitably pop up during Theaterfestival Boulevard. We commit to people who will answer the door when the question mark rings the bell. Some even place a chair by the door. It is 2017, the bell keeps ringing.

Home and territory. Or not having either. It is one of the themes that emerges from the programme we have compiled for Boulevard 2017. The urgency is immediate: in a physical, mental or ideological sense, many are homeless. Drifters. Untethered and adrift with no clear destination. At Boulevard 2017 you will run into them, in theatre shows, dance, music and performances:

The Roma-woman who is behind on her rent and is evicted from her flat in Budapest. The wealthy cruise passengers, drowning in a sea of escapism. The lone wolves whose conversations linger in slowly moving telephone booths. The managers of a Flemish cafe and chip-shop, who have to vacate their subsiding property. The lovemongers, fraudsters and yearners who look for digital shelter on the Dark Web. The twenty-somethings cobbling together a tribal society. Will they find a place to call home?

Question marks are nomadic creatures. They roam the land, ringing doorbells here and there. Boulevard answers the door and offers them a temporary home. Beneath a canvas top, the roof of a theatre, or beneath the summer sky. In the excellent company of hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors. United for eleven days at their temporary home, to discuss life and the bigger and smaller issues it presents.

Until we feel strong enough to move on and step out into the world again.

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks: