Come Together Right Now

Theaterfestival Boulevard 2021

That password, your carelessness, that one spell. Find what you have lost. The uncensored story of yourself, the hand in which you read a future, the arrows to the emergency exit. Find what you have lost. You will, even if you are not a seeker. Because you will find a lot. But have the courage to doubt too. Because, according to one line of poetry, he who finds something has not looked hard enough. With this in mind, Theaterfestival Boulevard invites you not to give up searching. Extra reason: the most important thing we have lost, has not yet been found.


The notion of commonality has quietly disappeared from sight. How we inhabit the same planet. How we share dreams and fears. How we want to move forward. Come Together, Right Now was the motto of Boulevard 2022. It is time to look for signs of togetherness. Not on our own, but with others. Beyond suspicion, assumptions and overly firm convictions. Artists help you on your way. They show us what we share, even in shaky times: life, love, death and the desire for care.

Boulevard 2022 was about the will to explore how we can live together. With each other, in diversity, stretching the norm beyond everyone's field of vision. With plants and animals, in habitable landscapes. During the 38th edition of our festival, makers pointed out traces that lead to togetherness. Eleven days, eleven nights and 120 programme elements. Curious? Dare to trust.

Theaterfestival Boulevard Team

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
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