Hack the horizon

Theaterfestival Boulevard 2021

With the motto Near and dear in 2020 – during the alternative corona-edition ‘From Boulevard with love’ - the festival offered her audiences an exercise in proximity. This year the festival invites us to think about the future and the best before date of deeply rooted opinions. Is growth still self-evident? Can you put an endless strain on nature an on the environment? Festival motto: Hack the horizon.

An End Has A Start, the band Editors sang in 2008. It sounded like the soundtrack of the worldwide financial crisis in 2008. Oh well, we’ve recovered from that blow, many people say. We’ve started putting dots on the horizon again, others cheer. The world has really learned its lesson, it sounds soothingly. But have we? Mankind shares around fifty percent of its DNA with the banana. What sets them apart the most, is the ability to talk crooked curves straight. 

A lot of things are crooked, mainly as a result of continuously following the straightforwardness of convictions. One of the most persistent ones: we cannot live without growth. Another one: doubt indicates weakness. Both convictions are well past their best before date. They’re moldy and rotten. The world desires fresh starting points.

Does she say so, the world? Yes. Nature begs for them – ever more loudly, ever more explicitly. Just like our climate. Even viruses make themselves heard. They thank humanity. Without our food systems and zigzag moves around the globe, they could have never caused a pandemic.

It is time for new doubts and reconsiderations. Time for courage and the power of tipping things over as well. It is time for a new time, in which we take mild, radical, astonishing and moving proposals for change seriously. And to execute them. One thing is certain: we are going to need each other. We can only do this together.

Theater makers are indispensable in this aspect. They connect people. They point to inaccessible roads. They tie together dream and courage. During the thirty-seventh edition of Theaterfestival Boulevard they invite us to learn to relate to ourselves once again. To nature and climate. To our origins, to care and health. To each other. Because new beginnings are nothing without new perspectives.

Makers do not put dots on the horizon. That very ritual has been unraveling for years, in meetings, strategic documents and soothing speeches. Theater makers have a different approach. They turn things around. They connect dots, by which a new horizon emerges.

One for all of us.

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