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Lend me your ears

Theaterfestival Boulevard 2020

Mid-April we were forced to decide that we’d postpone our festival to 5 – 15 August 2021. Right at the moment when our program was about to be finalized and when we had decided upon our overall theme ‘Lend me your ears’, after many great discussions. This year we wanted to send out a call for ‘listening’, because many stories are either untold or – perhaps more often – unlistened to. Stories that could show different perspectives on issues that history books often kept silent about. Frequently and with full force we still feel the regret of this cancellation. Because particularly now there are innumerable stories that need to be heard. So, ‘listening’ is the motto. Therefore we post the text that supported that theme, underneath.

In the MUB, the Museum of Useless Body parts, a lot of jolting and jostling was going on. Countless visitors pushed their nose against a display case. Behind the glass lay a fleshy shell. A nametag revealed what it was. An ear. That is what lost generations used to call it.

Parting with body parts is part of evolution. Once upon a time we had gills. Later we had a tail. We have lost both. They became obsolete. But the ear? Theaterfestival Boulevard would absolutely love to keep that part.

For a civilization that loses its listening power can no longer understand itself.

Besides, there is a lot to listen to, for every human being is a living archive. We are the collected stories that we express every day – sometimes without even realizing it ourselves. Stories about your history, your origin and beliefs. About your family, traditions and conventions. Stories that clarify why you are who you are.

At Theaterfestival Boulevard makers give a voice to unknown stories. The story of the man who left Tandjong Priok by boat, the voice of mourning Greeks, the dialogue of a mother and her newborn child. Come and listen. In amazement or recognition. In horror or with compassion. With attention.

Motto: Lend me your ears

Because ears don’t belong in display cases, but outside of them. In theaters, tents and on terraces. At Boulevard 2020, the festival with it ears wide open.

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