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‘Nader de ander’ <Near and dear>

Spring 2020. Breathlessly we leaf through a book called ‘proximity and distance’. Albeit with a tape measure in hand. We read that the intimate zone of a human being is roughly fifteen centimeters. She is reserved for your loved one(s). Quite a bit broader are our personal, social and public zones, although maneuvering through a web of red and white caution tape and yellow and black barricade tape isn’t easy.

Is there a cultural zone? Yes, there is, according to Theater Festival Boulevard. It even turns out to be the most flexible type of them all. Sometimes she is only one millimeter wide, sometimes tens of meters. This summer, within that fluid space, we let you see, hear, and – thanks to the resourcefulness of our makers – touch art. For, even in this year that we cannot be a festival, we surface with concerts, performances and installation art. In July and August 2020. In theatres, in the streets, as well as in neighborhoods and neighboring meadows.

‘Afzender Boulevard’ <Powered by: Boulevard>From: Boulevard.

That is how we celebrate the resilience of our makers and audiences, despite having to postpone our 36th festival edition to 2021.

In this strange gap year we research our theme ‘Nader de ander’ <Near and dear> . All summer long, we practice the forgotten art of close proximity in our hometown Den Bosch. On a small scale, tape measure in hand.  But above all, immeasurably intrigued by the unknown.

See you soon, see you near.
Team Boulevard


‘Afzender Boulevard’ <Powered by: Boulevard>
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